Sally is a 65 year old retired teacher, living at Orange Tree Village. Every day after breakfast, her granddaughter Kaitlyn and her friends are brought up from the Learning Center so Sally can read to them in the library. Sally loves children (she used to teach kindergarten), so she was thrilled to find out she could volunteer right in Orange Tree Village, and read with the kids every day!
After reading time is over, they often have a snack together, then the kids head out into the courtyard or into Havilland Park for some fresh air and Sally goes to get her nails or hair done at the salon. Sally is still very active, so before lunch she catches a yoga class downstairs with her friends who live in Orange Tree Village, then decides to use her Village Dollars for a light lunch and coffee at the coffee house.
After lunch, Sally goes back to her room for a nap so she can be fresh for the community cooking class being offered that afternoon. It feels so good to stay engaged with Regina’s Harbour Landing community by taking advantage of the community programming options provided right in Orange Tree Village! As Sally leaves her cooking class, she notices Kaitlyn’s brand new haircut as she peeks in the art room to see how today’s intergenerational Paint Party is going. Today the children and residents collaborated to complete one very large painting – always a favourite in the Art Room!
As supper time rolls around, Sally is feeling pretty wiped, so she curls up under her blanket and orders some room service. There are local musicians playing down in the coffee house later, but tonight Sally will rest. She will hear all about it tomorrow from her friends.
Orange Tree Village commits to providing child, resident, intergenerational, and community focused programming – targeted directly to the interests of people who live in our village. Specific programs and activities will change regularly, but will always balance the need to feed the mind, body and soul of our residents, the kids and our community in Regina.

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